who we are:

behsushafa is the first manufacturer of fiberglass orthopedic casting tapes in Iran, which has the least dependence on foreign countries in terms of production. It is worth mentioning that all raw materials of the product are manufactured in different workshops of the company except those that require high craftsmanship. Also by localizing this technology, behsushafa is respecting the government's policy of resistive economy and is trying to prevent the currency outflow.



Behsou Shafa Company was founded in 1383 (2004) and The purpose of the company is to manufacture fiberglass orthopedic casting tapes. In cooperation with the Korean company called Join Enterprise, behsushafa Imported production equipment and installed them at the factory site in Faraman Industrial Town, 16 kilometers from Kermanshah. Currently, the company is producing two brands as optima cast (in Iran only) and vian cast. Due to the priorities of the company, which has always placed high quality and customer-oriented production on its billboard, manufactured products are very much accepted in the country.


Our brand and technology:

Following changes to the board of directors, the new management has succeeded in localizing all intermediate processes for the production of raw materials. Currently, the process of testing polyurethane resin and raw tape fabric is carried out in the factory. Fortunately, in recent years, the quality has reached a very good level, so that the products of the company can compete with all reputable domestic and foreign competitors. the company also continues to invest in its R&D department in order to design and develop new products including splint and bandwidth. last but not least, behsushafa Company is now ready to supply raw materials as well as the finished product to the other companies.